Harlequin Outsourced Recruiting Services

Collaborative, Committed, Cost Effective

Harlequin Recruiting now offers outsourced physician recruiting, or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). As a leading U.S. physician recruiting firm, Harlequin Recruiting provides extensive candidate-identification resources, which we have continually expanded over our 14 eleven years of serving hospitals, health systems and practices.

Harlequin’s outsourced physician recruiting differs from our contingency-based recruiting in two key ways. First, we dedicate an individual recruiter to your hospital system, physician organization or specialty institute for 20 hours per week. In addition, you have a single point of contact for all of your organization’s recruitment needs—including administrative personnel, leadership, allied health professionals and physicians.

Outsourcing your recruitment helps you stay focused on what you do best—delivering patient care— and leaves recruitment tasks to professional healthcare recruiters. Many organizations, especially those that experience high turnover or lengthy open-position periods, find outsourcing recruitment cost effective. For example:

  • You pay one hourly fee with a minimum three-month contract.
  • Because our recruiters are paid on 1099, you aren’t required to enter into an employment contract or offer benefits.
  • Harlequin Recruiting’s service eliminates the long-term commitment that hiring an employee entails.
  • Outsourcing can eliminate headhunter’s fees and reduce the time to hire, and reduce internal labor costs.

The key benefit of Harlequin’s RPO services is our commitment: We can be available exclusively to meet your recruitment needs—whether those entail managing an expansion, improving long-term physician retention or reducing turnover. Your dedicated recruiter works only when you need the assistance. That enables you to eliminate the service once your need has been addressed, after you satisfy the three-month minimum.

Harlequin’s approach is always collaborative. Our experienced professionals work with your team to identify several qualified candidates for each job opportunity, while the dedicated recruiter focuses on the day-to-day tasks. This enables your healthcare organization to focus on what matters: your strategic initiatives and patient care.