Frequently Asked Questions

stock-photo-32230762-surgeon-consulting-a-patient-holding-hands-getting-ready-for-surgeryWhy should you hire a recruiting firm?

Typically, our clients have urgent demands in multiple specialties, and their recruiting staff spend considerable time and energy daily posting jobs, speaking with potential candidates, arranging for interviews with key administration, and scheduling detailed site visits for potential candidates. They also are required to devote their time to marketing their positions and their hospitals and practices.

Working with a highly experienced, specialty-specific physician recruiting firm such as Harlequin Recruiting relieves your busy staff of many of the time-consuming recruitment tasks—taking them off your desk and onto ours.
We are immersed in the physician specialties we work with, and every day our specialty-focused recruiters are busy qualifying and sourcing physician candidates. We only present to you the physician candidates who fit your organization’s specific criteria, thus ensuring that the candidates have both the desire to be considered for your position as well as the skills and experience you require.

Most important, working with a specialty-specific boutique physician recruiting firm will shorten your recruitment cycle and guarantee that your position will be visible to the top talent in the specialty you seek to join your clinical team.

What is the biggest hindrance to a search?

Time. More top-talent physician candidates are lost because potential employers are not timely and responsive enough to their CVs—even if the candidate is interested in the organization. Our firm will keep your potential candidates “warm” and engaged, to ensure that they do not lose interest in what would be a positive career move simple because they are not contacted in a timely manner.

We also save clients time by providing all contact information for potential candidates that fit your individual criteria and working to schedule phone screenings and interviews. We keep your opportunity in front of all candidates that fit your requirements to ensure possible candidates will not lose interest because they are not receiving a timely response.

What will Harlequin Recruiting do for you?

We utilize our specialty-specific industry knowledge to drive our searches and we speak with physician candidates on a daily basis. We have in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the market conditions for each physician specialty we represent. We also guarantee we will not present any physician CV to you without first receiving the candidate’s permission to do so. This ensures that all candidates submitted for your specific physician opening have reviewed your individual job description and have expressed interest in being considered for your search.

All CVs that Harlequin Recruiting professionals present are from physicians who fit your criteria and with whom we have personally reviewed your opportunity.