Client Services

stock-photo-closeup-portrait-of-intellectual-woman-healthcare-personnel-with-white-labcoat-looking-at-full-221866882At Harlequin Recruiting, we understand the challenges healthcare organizations and practices face–economically, competitively and logistically–when they need to augment their clinical team by bringing in a top-tier specialist. The organization’s financial and marketplace success depends on ensuring the right mix and depth of clinical services to meet the needs of the regional patient population, yet chronic shortages in high-demand specialties such as neurosurgery make recruiting difficult.

Our experienced staff can help your organization negotiate this challenging environment, to help you bring in the best candidate and protect the significant financial investment that entails. As one of the nation’s leading physician recruiting firms, Harlequin Recruiting offers extensive resources, continually expanded over more than eleven years of serving hospitals, health systems and practices. This enables us to greatly enhance our clients’ own recruitment capabilities. Using this collaborative approach enables our experienced team of professionals to identify several qualified candidates for each client’s job opportunity.

The services most firms provide on a retainer basis are offered to Harlequin clients on a contingency basis, enabling us to deliver premium services without charging our clients premium fees.

Harlequin Recruiting takes a professional, dynamic approach to identifying, sourcing, and presenting only highly qualified physician candidates. Based on our successful results in serving more than 100 clients, Harlequin has developed a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent service and the highest value in physician recruiting.

Our Recruiting Methods Include:

  • Providing in-depth client consultation regarding the practice opportunity, facility and community demographics
  • Sourcing, identification, recruitment and selection of qualified candidates
  • Conducting thorough candidate screening
  • Managing presentation, site-visit coordination, interview preparation and post-interview/site visit follow-up
  • Working with our clients at their preferred involvement level throughout the offer and contract- negotiation process
  • Ensuring systematic follow-up throughout the transition and guarantee period

At Harlequin Recruiting, we streamline the selection process target our clients’ specific needs and ensure that those requirements are in sync with candidate physicians’ needs. Our candidates are presented to our clients eager to be considered for their openings, and responsive to arranging interviews and site visits.